Upcoming Events

Unity Workshop 2: Chang Chu Helps you for Showcase Model with AR

Thursday, 03/30/23 @ 5:30p in Room TVLab

P2P Workshop: Myles Zhang Animates Models & Brings Them Online
Wednesday, 1/12/22 @6:00p in Room 1360

Tips to create low-poly, high detail models in Sketchup.  You’ll learn to add text and image annotations to your model, produce a flythrough, and import your model into SketchUp for easy online viewing (on your website for an interview).  Optional: How to view your model in virtual reality.

P2P Workshop: Ellis Wills-Begley Teaches You to Make a Book

Friday, 11/19/21 @ 6:00p in Room 1360

P2P Workshop: Kael Fineout Workflow Walkthrough

Thursday, 11/18/21 @6:30p in the Commons

A guide in making a stacked, axonometric line drawing overlayed on a rendering using Rhino, Blender, and Illustrator workflow.

P2P Workshop: Morgan Davis Animates Architectural Drawings & Diagrams

Wednesday, 11/10/21 @ 6:00p in the Commons

In this workshop, students will learn how to animate architectural drawings and diagrams. Students will bring a past project and prepare a storyboard for the workshop and learn how to animate it using Adobe After Effects.

Source Material Lunch 'n' Learn

Wednesday, 10/20/21 @ 11:45a in the Courtyard

Pizza and drinks included!