Source Material

Source Material is a resource for Taubman College students to learn how to use software. 

Tools (left) provides basic tutorials from beginner to advanced;

Techniques (right) provides additional tutorials once you know the basics; 

Taubman Homebrew (above) contains Taubman-made tutorials from faculty and students;

Upcoming Events (above) contains recent workshops.

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It’s a truism that online tutorials are go-to learning accelerators.

We watch, pause, rewind, do it again. Today, seemingly every software-related question has a digitally-demonstrated solution. Cutting through the noise to that just-right technique, however, can be time-consuming or onerous; and, accessing inspiring techniques developed by Taubman colleagues can seem chimerical.

In response, the Academic Initiatives team at Taubman College is launching Source Material, an effort that acknowledges the upsurge in ubiquitous skill-building drills and seeks to decode and distinguish online tutorials for the specifications of our learning community. Source Material will offer an evolving, curated online archive of resources germane to curricula across programs.

Additionally, the platform will sponsor “Peer-to-Peer” tutorials, inviting students to compile a living archive of recorded demonstration videos. In person workshops will be scheduled each semester to accompany online  resources.

Source Material Team: Jacob Comerci, Ishan Pal Singh, Anya Sirota, Man Lam Cheng, Dan Shen