is a set of programs for common productivity tasks


Google Classroom Intro

Beginner tutorials for new Google Classroom users


Google Classroom Tricks

Creating quizzes in Google Classroom

1. Set-up a Teacher account and Student account.
2. Consider reusing posts
3. Use the Share to Classroom extension
4. Use Topics
5. Use the Google Calendar in your Classroom.
6. Use the To-do list

0:13 Control your stream
1:47 Manage your email notifications in Google Classroom
2:41 Keep items at the top of your stream
3:48 Increase student engagement with questions
4:38 Email everyone at once in Google Classroom
5:12 Differentiate your announcements and assignments in Google classroom
5:46 Assign assignments to multiple classes
6:43 Reuse assignments
7:40 Using rubrics in Google classroom
8:52 Make questions mandatory in Google Forms

Google Docs

A complete overview of Google Docs with all the later features ready for 2020

Google Docs Tricks

00:33 Version History
01:36 Set New Default Font
02:20 Auto Replace Text
03:34 Change Capitalization Quickly
04:04 Visualize Ideas using Drawings
05:25 Keep Viewers Anonymous
06:06 Make Copy Directly
07:03 Download PDF Directly
07:55 Embed Doc within Email
08:34 Use Pre-Made Templates

Google Earth

A complete beginner’s guide to Google Earth