Taubman Homebrew

Myles Zhang Optimizes Architectural Models for Display Online

This workshop for designers is paired with an interactive history animation about the construction of Notre-Dame of Paris. You will learn how to create highly detailed but low-polygon-count models of any building you desire. These visually and geometrically complex models will have a small enough file size to load in your web browser. They can be viewed by clients, possible employers, and others online, with no need for them to download files or own specific software. Based on the content delivered in this six-part tutorial, you will be able to create similar models of any other building, real or proposed. You will be able to share these models online in a virtual reality format through Sketchfab.

Workshop Host: Myles Zhang, Taubman College PhD

Kael Fineout Workflow Walkthrough

Kael Fineout hosts a p2p workshop sharing the workflow for creating render underlays and linework overlays using Rhino, Blender, and Illustrator.

Kael recommends three short intro tutorials to students who have little experience in Blender, Rhino and Illustrator before joining the workshop.

Blender - intro
Illustrator - intro
Rhino - intro

Workshop Host: Kael Fineout, Taubman College M.Arch

Ellis Wills-Begley Teaches You to Make a Book

Ellis Wills-Begley hosts a p2p workshop. The videos walk you through the process of bookmaking, from digital design through physical fabrication.

Workshop Host: Ellis Wills-Begley, Taubman College M.Arch


altArch is founded by a Taubman alumn, offering an alternative perspective on all things architecture and design.

Design-related videos are crafted and uploaded weekly for architecture students, architecture professionals, designers, creative thinkers, friends, and family.

Taubman Workshop Online
(Channel TWO):

A distributed framework for the creation of a student-audience generated design education content. 

This project entailed three concepts: spatial analogs, affective & ideological education on-demand, and a distributed model of content generation. In the broadest strokes, the proposal employed students to make a series of short, lateral-learning videos over the summer, all resulting in a curated local web of connected information related to Taubman College (an educational experience).

Project team: Julia McMorrough (associate professor of practice in architecture), John McMorrough (associate professor of architecture), Megan Clevenger (M.Arch student), Alan Escareno (M.Arch student), Nick Garcia (M.Arch student), Tejashrii Shankarraman (M.Arch student), Shoshanna Sidell (M.Arch student), and Danrui Xiang (M.Arch student)