Portfolio Layout Tips

Tips to improve layout design.

InDesign design systems (grids + masters; type styles; color swatches)          

Types of Layouts


Miro channel with tutorials

Miro presentation techniques   


More beginner tips + tricks: 
0:00 Introduction
0:47 Hyperlinking, zooming and creating sections in PowerPoint
9:02 Eyedropper & remove background in PowerPoint
14:10 How to use SmartArt
16:52 How to record your screen using PowerPoint
18:36 Export as PDF and save as a movie
21:26 Uploading to OneDrive & sharing your PowerPoint

0:29 Design ideas in PowerPoint
0:58 Eyedropper
1:37 Guides, Grid Lines, and Rulers
3:09 Morph transitions in PowerPoint
3:37 Remove the background in PowerPoint
4:28 Ink Equation
5:04 Reorder with alt + shift
5:30 Coy with Ctrl drag
5:49 Edit shape points
6:29 Animate charts in PowerPoint       

Animating images in powerpoint

One Skill PowerPoint Tutorials
Channel with advanced powerpoint tutorials 

Google Slides

12 Google Slide Tips 
00:29 Find & Insert Images
01:20 Crop to Specific Shape
02:18 Re-Size Textbox
03:20 Format Paint X2
03:49 Master Slides
04:50 Search for Slides Files Only
05:38 Send Slides in Presentation Mode 06:20 Make Clean Copy
07:04 Free Bonus Resource!
07:16 Skip & Re-Order Slides
07:46 Navigate to Specific Slide
08:30 "L" for Laser Pointer
08:43 Include Q&A in Presentation

Interactive Google Slides