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Excel beginner tutorial playlist

Excel beginner tutorial playlist for Mac users
Excel Training and Workshop via LinkedIn

Formulas & Functions Quick Tips
40 minutes total, multiple short lessons: Learn how to enter formulas, reference other cells and perform basic calculations including sum, count, average minimum and maximum values.

Introduction to Formatting
1 hour total, multiple short lessons: Various formatting options are discussed including changing fonts, size, colors and borders to make your data more visually appealing and easy to understand.

Filtering for Beginners
30 minutes total, multiple short lessons: The Filter function allows you to use dropdown filters to only look at a subset of your data without having to remove rows.

Excel 2016 Essential Training
4 hours total, multiple short lessons, feel free to select areas of interest that you feel are applicable to your role: includes above topics as well as pivot tables, additional formulas, basic introduction to macros.

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Complete basics of PowerPoint



Complete basics of Word

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